As advocates, to motivate, empower and engage persons with disabilities globally.  As practitioners, to assist in creating and developing the highest quality of inclusive, innovative and educational content in the field of disability rehabilitation and improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities.   As professionals, to support, produce, and disseminate scholarly work, raise awareness and build bridges for advocacy, promote social justice and diversity endeavors for persons with disabilities.


Inspire and support individuals and groups to empower persons with disabilities while honoring diverse backgrounds.

  • Design, engage, and support Community Base Inclusive Development programs
  • Collaborate with world organizations to improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities
  • Educate and support all members in promoting high quality innovative care for persons with disabilities
  • Provide scientific solutions to social health issues through a holistic process
  • Use culturally responsive methodologies that combine evidence based practice and the latest advancements in the field to achieve efficiency and effectiveness results for persons with disabilities.
  • Develop, support, and promote resources, like assistive technology and alternative media, in order to improve equity of disability rehabilitation, reduce health risks, and promote healthy lifestyles, and improve overall quality of life for persons with disabilities
  • Develop, support, and implement multicultural public policies that include gender and age-sensitive approaches to facilitate community empowerment for persons with disabilities, rehabilitation professionals, and advocate in the field
  • Encourage, support, and promote self-care and health protection throughout the life course for persons with disabilities, rehabilitation professionals, and advocates
  • Encourage, support, and Increase the quality and number of researchers in the disability and rehabilitation field
  • Develop meaningful projects that focus on supporting rehabilitation professionals and advocates by designing professional networking systems globally.
  • Circulate knowledge, skills, and attitudes in collaboration with other international health promotion organizations by providing a focal point for members to meet, discuss and resolve common problems.
  • Establish a forum that builds intra and inter professional interactions among healthcare professionals that empowers the sharing of information, ideas and resources about professional practice
  • Organize professional development activities including research, conferences and internationally recognized courses